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Finding the right requirements which meet the business needs are not trivial. It is important to make sure the related requirements are defined before entering into a certain IT project.

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Benefit of a Business Requirement Document:

  Giving awareness and agreement among stakeholder

  As “communication tools” to the IT Vendor regarding the business need and how the solution should be to satisfy business and customer needs

  As a initial project management document which determine the input to the next phase of project

Business Requirement Document

Finding the right requirements which really meet the business needs are not trivial. It is really important to make sure the related requirements are defined before entering to a certain IT project. The most common pitfall are customers do not know exactly what really their business needs. We are present to assist customer in defining their business requirements.

Business Requirement Document (BRD) focuses on the needs and expectation customers from the business perspective. Thru BRD process, we assess customers’ business and its related aspects, and determine what the business wants to achieve. BRD focuses on the business objectives and distinguishes between the business solution and technical solution.

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System Readiness

Many IT projects failed due to lack of readiness from the underlining factors. The purpose of this service is to help customers ready before running a new IT project, especially from people as well as the system point of view.

The deliverable of system readiness will be helpful as a reference to make business decision and determine IT Investment.

Vendor Selection

Once system readiness is done, company is challenged to choose the best vendor to deliver solution based on system and business process requirement. The process is based on objective reviews, and accordingly the Company make the best decision without bias judgment.

Since most IT projects are quite lengthy and complicated, choosing the right vendor and partner is crucial, since it may lead to the successful of the project.

We develop scoring method toward the ability of a vendor to meet company requirements and objectives, as well as ensure vendor commitments for quality delivery.

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IT Strategic Plan / IT Master Plan

IT Strategic Plan (ITSP) will assist organizations in building comprehensive plan for their Information Technology for the next three to five years.

It encompasses the area of strategy, information systems, technology infrastructure, governance, as well as people, which are aligned in order to achieve goals and objectives.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a professional service to assist customer in developing and preparing the right architecture and infrastructure technology. Thru this process, company will accurately and swiftly analyze and respond the changing needs of the company’s business.

One of the best practices used to define EA is TOGAF, which is The Open Group Architecture Framework.

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IT Feasibility Study

This service is to conduct an evaluation of proposed IT initiation. From IT Feasibility Study, customers will be able to determine whether the project is technically and financially feasible. The study is an analysis of how easily or successfully we could complete. It also tries to determine how profitable or unprofitable it might be.

Some assessments from technical, organization, and economic factors, are carried out, which finally lead to the optimal scope generation.

IT Feasibility study will come out with pros and cons of undertaking the IT project before they invest a lot of time and money into it. The goal of IT feasibility study is to thoroughly understand all aspects of a project, concept, or plan and become aware of any potential problems that could occur.