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Human Resources and People Engagement

Make it easy for your employees and managers to grow and develop their
teams with intelligent, automated HR processes and an intuitive user

SAP ERP Human Capital Management

On Premise solution to manage core HR processes, integrated time management, and payroll.

SAP Human Capital Management Key Capabilities

Personnel Administration

Manage all modern personnel administration tasks with this application component, store all types of information about an employee, Basic personnel procedures within master data administration.

Organizational management

Component to represent the functional units (for example, departments) of your enterprise, represent the existing or required personnel capacity of an organizational unit using positions and administer organizational data regarding name and description, staffing status, cost center assignments, and so on.

Personnel Time Management

The Personnel Time Management component offers you support in performing all human resources processes involving the planning, recording, and valuation of internal and external employees’ work performed and absence times.

Benefits & Compensation Management

Handle your organization’s benefits administration processes such as Enroll employees in benefits plans and terminate enrollments, Monitor provision of evidence of insurability, and Administer retirement plans.


Calculate the remuneration for work done for each employee, calculates the gross and net pay, which comprises the individual payments and deductions that are calculated during a payroll period, and are received by an employee.

Employee Self Service

Allows employees to create, display, and change their own data in the company’s intranet.

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Sap Partner Indonesia - SAP Success Factors

The SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite is comprehensive, engaging and flexible next generation core HR solution to improves executive insight and decision-making while ensuring you have the right people with the right skills doing the right work.

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