Success Story: SAP ERP Implementation – PT. Dwidaya World Wide

Dwidaya tour which is one of the largest travel agents in Indonesia, which has more than 90 branches in major cities throughout Indonesia. All of this is carried out by upholding the company’s values which are the basis for every step taken, it cannot be separated from human resources quality and a good management system that is in Dwidaya Tour and Travel.

At that time, Dwidaya Tour and Travel used the Power Suite System to support the Back office, but there were several obstacles that had to be faced such as:

1. Difficulty in reconciling payments from customers.
2. Integration of the current system with our tour and travel application and difficulty in intercompany reconciling.

Therefore, the goals to be achieved by PT Dwidaya World Wide with Digital Transformation are to have a reliable system that is able to integrate all business processes and surrounding systems to increase the volume of Dwidaya transactions, as well as a system that is able to provide real-time reporting and accelerate the payment reconciliation process with the Bank.

Furthermore, to be able to achieve the desired change goals, PT Dwidaya World Wide began to look for several systems. “At that time we choose SAP as the perfect ERP solution to increase business acceleration in Dwidaya” said Mariani – COO of Dwidaya. As it is known that SAP is one of the Number 1 ERP Products in the World, so it is expected to be able to adapt to the company’s needs when the Dwidaya business process is growing.

Choosing Equine Global as SAP implementation partner

Dwidaya entrusts the implementation of SAP to Equine Global as one of the experienced SAP partners in implementing SAP. Equine Global provides a comprehensive solution to the problems faced by Dwidaya at that time. And in the implementation of SAP, Equine and Dwidaya together formulate the right business process for Dwidaya and other Dwidaya Group Subsidiaries.

In the end, the implementation of SAP by Equine Global in Dwidaya went well according to the agreed budget and timeline and gave Dwidaya satisfactory results. Dwidaya sees that the SAP system that has been used today helps the efficiency and effectiveness of Dwidaya’s business processes in the Company’s operations.

“Currently we are still working with Equine Global to optimize the current SAP to generate added value for Dwidaya as the leading Tour and Travel in Indonesia” said Mariani.

Equine Global as one of the SAP Gold Partners in Indonesia, always highly committed to support digital transformation in every line of business customers by providing best practice solutions from SAP that have been tested in various industries in the world.

From the planning aspect, execution to project evaluation, we always refer to the SAP methodology which is commonly referred to as the ACTIVATE methodology. “With the ACTIVATE methodology, we are experienced in running it in many of our customers so we are confident that the implementation project is in accordance with the scope, budget and on time” said Yusuf Fadli – Equine Global Director.

ERP – SAP solutions at Dwidaya

Equine Global understands that the tour & travel industry requires accuracy and speed in running its business. Although most companies in this industry already have a billing system for recording Revenue, SAP can still provide comprehensive solutions by integrating between systems. This solution has been implemented by Equine Global in Dwidaya comprehensively. Existing business processes and core systems do not need to be overhauled or transferred to SAP, but are linked through integration so as to produce fast, real-time and accountable end-to-end processes.

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